Welcome to SeaWorld Exposed. This site's mission is to be a hub of information regarding SeaWorld, marine mammal theme parks, and the dark, horrid behind-the-scenes facts. We're not going to dazzle you with a fancy site and hype, but rather, we will accomplish this mission simply, with a live Twitter feed, news articles, photos, videos, public testimony, and links to organizations that actively work towards ending this outdated and cruel industry. We also have a 'Testimonies' page to post your story of a SeaWorld or marine theme park visit gone wrong, as well as a button to submit your story, picture, video, documents, etc. Most importantly, visit the 'Take Action' page where you can do your part by signing petitions and contacting the powers that be, so we can end marine mammal captivity once and for all!

We STRONGLY feel that marine mammals should not be kept in captivity, mistreated, nor forced to perform stupid tricks for ignorant people and the greed of others. Not only is it cruel to rip an animal from it's life, family and habitat, but it's also dangerous, as the recent death of SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau has proven. Her final 45 minutes on this earth were horribly spent being beaten to death by Tilikum, a 12,000 pound orca who was stolen from the sea and it's family in 1983, and has lived in whale hell ever since, forced to perform tricks and live in a small pool. And Dawn's is not the only death.

We HIGHLY recommend that you watch the documentary Blackfish, a Sundance film festival hit that has been burning up the media and movie critic circuits.

Blackfish is a damning documentary about the imhumane treatment of the animals by marine parks, where they have long been forced to perform tricks in front of paying customers. It’s upsetting not just on account of the human victims, some of whom died horrible, grisly deaths, but also on account of the poor animals, who suffer horrible, confined daily lives.

Besides SeaWorld and other parks, the other guilty party, is the public who buy tickets and keep the parks in business. It’s hard to imagine anyone seeing this movie and not swearing off ever visiting a marine mammal park ever again.

We also are working to stop the acquisition of many of the dolphins imprisoned by SeaWorld and these marine mammal parks, who use the small port town of Taiji, Japan as a main source. After the ones are chosen for captivity, 20,000 other dolphins, porpoises, and small whales are slaughtered in Japan each year. Fishermen herd whole families of small cetaceans into a shallow bays, then marine theme park representatives pick a few, after which the rest are mercilessly stabbed and drowned to death, right in front of the other family members who are swimming in their blood (see the photos page to see for yourself). SeaWorld neglected to tell you THAT part too, didn't they?

So please, become a part of the solution and do something good for those who are defenseless, and some may argue, smarter than humans in many regards. Post your stories, sign petitions, watch Blackfish, support organizations like Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, and share this website so you can help save these beautiful, intelligent creatures!

Thank you.